French Roulette - Is It Popular?

Every gambler knows that roulettes come in different variants. For the usual gambler, the most obvious suspects will be the French roulette, the European and the American roulettes. Many would imagine that the difference lay on the number of zeros in the roulette wheel. The French and the European wheel have a single green 0 while the American has got both 0 and 00. Little do most people appreciate that there is more to it. The French roulette is an obvious victim of such confusion. Often, many people confuse it with it’s more all the rage European cousin. Whether this confusion stems from the fact they use the same type of wheel remains debatable.

Peculiarities of the French Roulette

In essence the difference between the French roulette and the other two variants is physical. The table is strikingly unique in this type of variant. Unlike the later European and the American variant which more often than not have one long table with the wheel on one end, the French roulette has two betting a layout between which is the wheel. One other noticeable feature is that the betting boards are usually colored red or in the same tinge as the table. This however does not change the way the game is played in any way.

The game play is basically similar to that of the American and the European variants. While it may not be necessary to elaborate, it would be beneficial for those who do not have an idea of how the game is played. Well basically, you place your bets and the dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. When the wheel stops rolling, you will get to win if the ball stops in the slot in which it is labeled in the same number you’ve got. Outside bets are placed on both sides of the table and on one end of the betting layout. This makes its name more appropriate and besides, all the labeling is in French given that it was a Monte Carlo casino exclusive.

Between the European and the American roulette, the French variant is closer to the european variation given that they share a significant amount of quirks that distance it from the American one. One of the most notable variations is in the call bets aspect. Call bets are wagers announced before each game starts, -or more appropriately before the ball lands on the wheel. There are even times when the French roulette is wrongly referred to as the European roulette. However, despite these confusions, the French roulette remains popular among many gamblers. Recent studies show that good number of gamblers prefer to play the French roulette given that their rules are easier than the American and the European one. Many also find the French roulette quite accommodating given that the betting layout offer a more elaborate outline of more people to participate. This perhaps will explain why many casinos are struggling to incorporate this variant in their various outlets.