Ancient Theme in Video Slots

The world of slots game is quite extensive and there is a lot to play for fun as you get rich at the same time. There is a wide range of selection when it comes to ancient theme in video slots and you can easily reach your favorite games and start enjoying your experience in gaming to the maximum. You will come across video slots inspired on ancient classical themes and others are built on more modern themes. However, as time rolls on, ancient theme in video slots has become replayed with improved technological as gaming specialists endeavor to meet the expectations of the players.

Box Car Bonanza

An ancient themed video slot is the Box Car Bonanza that comes with an amazing Wild West theme. Playing this game is quite fun and has one pay like and three reels. Besides this, the video also has 5 different types of winning combos. When it comes to the symbols, those symbols that appear on slots reels include a train, a horseshoe, a seven, crossroads and a briefcase. The respective increments of betting slots in this video game are 0.10, 0.25, 1 and 10.00. In addition, the video slot allows a maximum bet of just fie coins. The jackpot pays out a maximum of one thousand coins but the largest payout you can get is 800 coins.

Boy King’s Treasure

Another ancient themed video slot game that has been a pro in this field is the Boy King’s Treasure. Its theme is based on the history of ancient Egypt and to be more precise, the video slot is linked to the history of Tutankhamen. This video game is quite fabulous and has 5 reels, 20 pay lines and has 21 different possible winning combinations. Different symbols are featured in the game including a snake, a boy king, a bird, a king and a bracelet. Released in June 2008, this game has continued to be a hot pick and worth a try. The Boy King’s Treasure is an amazing video slot and has quite a lot to offer players. Bets allowed in the game ranges between 0.1 and 5 and respective winnings made are just colossal.

Egyptian Theme

Most of game developers who have utilized ancient theme in video slots base their games mostly on Egypt’s history. With a vast collection of online slots based on Egyptian history, the ancient pyramids of Egypt are not as ancient as you might think. You can get an option of playing with King Tut alongside the pharaohs as you reveal the many hidden treasures. You also get to play Egyptian video slots that have images of eye of Ra and scarab beetles as you learn something about Egyptian slot language. Taking part in Egyptian themed slots doesn’t require you to be a mummy or a pharaoh.

The ancient theme in video slots has been quite popular for ages now and gives players an opportunity of travelling back in time to historical times. Ancient themed video slots are easy and you get to win lots of cash along the way.