Rare Variations of the Roulette Game

One of the most commonly played games today in the casino is the roulette. You will also realize that it is not only played in rock and mortar casinos but also on the internet by so many people all over the globe. To most people, they are probably acquainted with one or two variants of the roulette which then play. Unknown too many, there are several variants to this game. Nearly all the internet based casinos offer the different variants of the roulette so as to conform to the different tastes of their customers all over the globe.

The European Variant

This is probably one of the oldest variant ever played. Its use dates back to the 17th century and was a common feature in most recreational places across Europe and the antebellum west. This variant has a single zero as well as slots numbered from one to thirty six making a total of thirty seven slots. The presence of a single zero means that this variant provides an edge that presents its players with better chances to win when compared to other variants.

The American Variant

The features in the American variant were perhaps drawn from the European variant with a few aspects changed so as to make it different. One of the most distinguishing features is the additional double ‘00’ to the already existing ‘0’. This perhaps leads many people to imagine that this provides better odds for winning. This in essence is not true. Instead it provides better chances for the casino to make significant gains. In total, the American roulette has thirty eight slots.

The French Variant

The French variant is a redefined version of the European roulette with the table layout rearranged. In this kind of variant, there are two betting layouts with the wheel in between them. In this game, if the players make a bet and the ball stops on zero, they get half their money back therefore giving them a better chances of mitigation on their loses.

The Racetrack Roulette

Also known as the ‘roulette gold’ roulette pro’ this variant is available in both the European and the French variants. In this game, there is an additional betting area where players can bet on their combination of number they projects to win with.

Multiple Wheel Roulette

In this variant, the players can play with more than wheel. This roulette is available in nearly all the other variants.

The No Zero Variant

If you did a keen study you will realize that most of the online casinos claim to have got rid of the zero so as to ensure that their clients have better chances of winning. This is what is referred to as the ‘no zero roulette’.

Most of these variations are affected so as to generate an interest in the game. Some of these changes are so significant such that they end up changing the whole game therefore introducing a whole different variant on its own. A case in point is the French roulette which stemmed from adding a few structural variants to the European one.