Roulette Odds: What to Expect in the Game

Gambling games, as many say, are the games of strategy and application of certain skills, but not with roulette. The game requires no experience, skills or preparation because it is won by luck exclusively. Due to this fact, roulette is the most popular casino game generating millions in profit because of its simplicity and the adventures it is comprised of. The word roulette originates from France - so does the game - which basically means a small wheel in modern day English, the wheel is spun by a croupier in one direction while the balls spin in the opposite direction and players place bet on a particular number or a range of numbers. After a long spin the ball will lose its momentum and fall into one of the 37(Europe) or 38(American) pockets of which the individual who placed a bet on wins the bet money.

Betting in Roulette

The betting options in roulette are varied; a player is able to choose the pocket that he/she thinks the ball will settle after the spin or a small range of pockets depending on their proximity to the wheel layout. Probability also widely applies in the game; players have the option of choosing the pockets based on color or odd and even nature of the number in the pockets. Betting wise, we have outside and inside bets: inside bet basically entails choosing an exact number of a pocket or a small range of pocket’s numbers while in outside bets the selection is on large positional groupings of the pockets, color and the nature of the number chosen( odd or even). Minimum and maximum bets are imposed to all players on the table, outside or inside, but in most casinos different colored chips are used to distinguish the different players. The betting goes on until the dealer announces ‘no more bets’.

Winnings in Game

As soon as the winning number is determined by the roulette wheel, the dealer places a dolly (marker) on the winning number or color on the wheel. With the dolly on the table no player is allowed to remove, place or alter the bet not until the dealer sweeps the losing bets and leaves the winner to collect their winnings and make new bets leaving the winning chip on the table layout. The dealer is responsible for sharing the winnings amongst the players whose bets have won the spin; the sharing is done by the amount of bet money particular individuals put in.

The numbering on the roulette is from 1 to 36 regardless of the roulette in question, with two distinct colors (red and black) and a green pocket numbered 0 and another green one numbered 00(American). The inside bets include: straight or single, split (two), street (three), corner(four), six liner, triple, top line and finally basket while the outside bet include: 1 up to 18 (manqué), 19 up to 36(passé), red and black, even and odd, bets stacked on dozens, bets on column and the snake bet which expert term as the ‘sucker’ bet. The American roulette is the most commonly used tables in casinos all over the world with the European one mainly used in Monte Carlo casino.