How to Play Craps - Basics of the Game

Casinos are one of the places that people visit in order to have fun. There are uncountable numbers of games that you can get to enjoy and the goodness is that not all casino games require a player to bet in order to play. There are those that are offered for free, you have no reason not to go and experience the fun and thrill that is derived from playing any of these games. You can also try to play games, where you can show how good your game skills and knowledge are. Poker game is one of the options that are found in all casinos and it is among the list of the most popular casino games that are known by most persons who are not gamers.

There are other games such as Craps that is also not only enjoyable but simple to play once a player knows game rules. Being not a popular variation among gamers, craps is played by players who believe in their luck. There are those people with the passion for this game and they adore it the same way that slots machines or roulette are preferred by most people visiting casinos.

Craps – How to Learn It?

The need to know the conditions of craps is important just like in any other game, and this is one of the major requirements that a gamer has to fulfill in order to have fun playing this game. Its principles of playing are so simple and can be understood by anyone as long there is the will and interest to learn.

One of the main playing tools in this game is dice which is carefully shaped and marked. Dice perform the important function and there are set standards that have to be observed on the two dice that are used in this game. There are regular routine checks that have to be carried out to ensure that they are in good shape. In some casinos the dice are replaced with new ones after being in use for 8 hours. Just to make sure that the dice suffer less damage casinos have come up with rules that govern how the dice are held when throwing.

How to Play Game of Craps

Generally the game is played on a built in table using the standardized dice which are thrown by a shooter who is one of the players. Shooter is also the one who places the bet upon which he is presented with dice which are usually five in number. The dice are given out by the stickman and the playing rules state that the shooter has to select two dice to roll with and the rest are given back to the stickman who keeps them inside a special bowl. This game which is played in rounds is not so difficult to master especially with the availability of written guides that give players hints and tips on how to play. The other type of guide is available through downloads which can be obtained for free. If you think you have played most of casino games then try out the game of Craps and make a new discovery.