How to Bet in Blackjack

Don't sit at the first blackjack table that you might find. Check the dealer first. Some players won't like a certain dealer for no particular reason. You can be sure that you won't be comfortable while playing in this situation. Avoid blackjack tables having beautiful girls as dealers. Usually, those girls might also cheat for the casino. Choose a smoking or non-smoking table, depending on your needs. Choose a table that is neither empty nor filled. A medium number of players would give you the perfect blackjack playing environment.

Place to sit

Try to sit as close as possible to the right side of the dealer. As the cards are given to the players from left to right, you will have more time to think about your next decision. Moreover, you will see the cards of other players faster, giving you more time to calculate the odds, in case are using cards counting methods.

Where to place money

The money must be placed directly on the table. If you would try to give them to the dealer, he would refuse it. Furthermore, you might be banned from the respective table and even from the entire casino for the rest of the night.

Buy chips

Ask the dealer to exchange your money for chips. Usually, every casino has strict rules about chips exchange. However, if such rules are not imposed, you could request chips based on your needs. If you are planning to stay at the table for a long time, you can request low valued chips. If you just look for a quick shot and a fast getaway, request only big valued chips.

Place bets

Take care about your chips. Place the bets only in the designed area. Bets placed outside that area are not considered. In some casinos, the dealer won't even tell you about this matter, but he will surely refuse to pay you in this situation.


Watch the cards. See the dealer's card first, as it is the most important. Check the cards of your opponents, and make your decisions accordingly.

Choose the option

Based on your current cards configuration, you could request another card, or you could step out of the game. In this case, you will lose your entrance fee. Take insurance if possible. Don't place too big or too small bets. If you are betting 5 dollars with 2000 dollars on your bankroll, you will surely look ridiculous. On the other hand, if you are betting 80 from your total 100 dollars bankroll, you will get closer to the bottom of the bag.