How Does Slot Machine Work

In order to win more at slots you should start with learning how to play the machine. So let’s find out more how does slot work.


There are basically two main kinds of slots – mechanic and electronic slots. Let’s talk about mechanic ones first, because they were the first ones invented.

First mechanic slots, or it is better to call them reel slots because they had real reels, had a handle on one side, which needed to be pulled in order to begin the game. Because of this handle and slot’s “special ability” to leave its players with empty pockets sometimes people called it one-armed bandit. When the handle is pulled, the reels inside the slot machine start turning. There are a certain number of stops for each real, controlled with springs and tension. The odds in this kind of slots are controlled only by the number of symbols on each reel. 3 reel slot machine will have only one highest symbol per each reel, for example, and 4,5 low symbols.

Most of the modern reel slots are computerized, so they are more electronic than mechanical. The only mechanic part that is left in this type of slots is a spinning reel, and classical reel slots are just a part of the history of slots.


1970’s first electronic slots were invented, and now there are only electronic slots have left in casinos. So how does slot work?

Electronic slots or better known as video slots have a similar look as reel slot machines. They may have a reel, or it will simply have a look of it on the slot’s screen. The main difference is a RNG. RNG – is a random number generator, which allows generating random combinations for slots making the game a real luck challenge. Thousands of numbers are constantly generated in each video slot machine by RNG. The range of these numbers is between zero and several millions. When the button is pushed, or the handle is pulled, slot’s computer tells reels or slot’s graphics, because video slots have no reels, where to stop according to the number generated by RNG.

One of the most interesting types of video slots are progressive slots. They are the same, with only one difference - one of the combinations, generated by the RNG is a progressive jackpot!

RNG guarantees complete randomness of numbers for the video slot machine, in other words winning is a pure luck.