Pleasure and Profits in Blackjack Game

In comparison with other gambling games, modern blackjack casino game turns out to possess the largest fan-club, composed of players from around the world. Even though it's known to have started its history many centuries ago, blackjack is still likewise frequently chosen in newly-developed online gambling sites and land-based top casino resorts as well, mainly due to its being incredibly interesting and exciting to play, whereas the common rules are rather simple, so everyone can effortlessly master them.

Objective and Game Procedure

Generally speaking, the objective of blackjack casino game is to get a total card value as much closer to 21, as possible, without going bust (when the card value exceeds 21).

The gaming procedure is pretty simple: the player receives an initial hand (2 cards), whereas the dealer has one of his cards opened, then, the player asks the dealer to hit him/her (give one more card) until he/she gets a desirable value (21, or a bit less). Then, the dealer opens his/her cards and gets more of them, until he/she reaches the suitable total card value.

As for cards' value in blackjack casino game, smaller cards are valued accordingly (e.g. 2s have a value of 2, 5s have a value of 5, etc.), while face cards are valued in the following way: Js - 2, Qs - 3, Ks - 4, Aces - either 1, or 11.

Possible Moves

It's essential to remember, that mere asking for more cards is insufficient, if one wishes to win, here, it's also necessary to try various advantageous moves, available for all players, like:

  • Splitting: if an initial hand is a pair of the same cards (6 - 6, for instance), it may be split into two separate hands, which will be played independently.
  • Double Down: one can double his/her bet, then both the player and the dealer will be able to receive one card more only.
  • Surrender: if the initial hand isn't promising, the player can surrender and receive half of his/her bet back.

NB! It's always recommended to study general blackjack casino game's tips in advance, as all the above-described options are advised to use only in some peculiar cases.

Variations and Strategies

When it comes to blackjack casino game variations, the number of these is certainly impressive, from the classic version, usually chosen by beginners, who haven't yet received enough practical experience to Double Attack Blackjack and Carribean 21, for example, which, in fact, feature rather specific rules of their own.

Despite the fact, that all blackjack casino game modifications are, obviously, games of luck, the number of developed diverse advantage play and cheating techniques, which are supposed to help the gamblers win considerable sums of money, is truly striking, although most of them haven't proved to guarantee jackpots.

In this respect, the only possible legal technique, which might at least increase one's profits to a certain extent, is blackjack card counting, which turns out more or less advantageous, of course, if a person has excellent observation skills.

In a nutshell, as long as one is inquisitive enough and willing to learn, he/she has good chances to fully grasp all ins and out of blackjack casino games and, perhaps, win much money.