Blackjack Counter: Card Counting Methods

As incredibly as it might seem, the main target of the cards counting softwaresellers is composed of new blackjack players. The advanced players would rather use their already developed systems, which are modified to suit their advanced gambling needs. As a beginner, you would realize later that your program needs modifications. Those modifications are made only by authorized persons; therefore, they might cost you some money.

Understanding card counting

Before you could successfully apply the technique of cards counting using software, you must understand the principles of this advanced technique.

The counting method implies giving values to all the cards. There are different methods to value cards. The basic cards counting method values the cards in the next manner

  • cards 2 to 7 are valued +1
  • cards 8 and 9 are valued 0
  • royal cards (10 to k) are valued -1
  • the ace is valued -2

The technique of cards counting won't mean that you must remember all the cards that are out of the game. You will only have to remember the total. If the game is played with the same deck, and the deck is not shuffled after every hand, you should be able to estimate the cards remained in the package after a few hands. If the total is up, it means that you counted many cards valued +1; therefore, you must enter the game. If your total is close to 0, it means that the royal cards and the aces are almost out of the game; therefore, you must wait for another opportunity.

Counting Soft: Where to Try

Enter the online blackjack room of your choice. Two main conditions must be met so you could apply your strategy. First, you will have to find a game that is played with a single deck of cards. Second, make sure that the dealer isn't shuffling the cards after every session.

On Super Blackjack 21, you could find the best blackjack software. Those programs would not only count the cards for you, but they will also tell you what sites are suited for cards counting. Moreover, the software is suited for 6 major cards counting methods, so you could surely find the method for you.

The major difference between cards counting methods is given by the value of the cards. The model presented in the first paragraph is the simplest one, but advanced card counters are valuing every 2-3 cards with a different number. The accuracy of the strategy is increased. Don't worry, as the cards counting software for blackjack will take care about all those aspects for you.