The Best 3D Online Slots

Slots have evolved from the age of drums-powered reels to become one of the biggest entertainment sources in casinos today, even with the rigid nature of their game. The latest entry in the game class is 3D slots, which have grown to become the highest demanded games among not only video slots but also in the entire gaming niche. These slot games are loved for their interactive nature with three-dimensional images and icons that appear to be jumping out of the screen. When gamblers play slots online free that fall in the category, they are met with improved graphics and animations that face little to no competition from previous releases. We list some of these slots that feature the best 3D technology online. 

  • Narcos 

Narcos is one of the latest releases by the online gaming software developing giant NetEnt. Despite the fresh nature of the game in casino catalogues, this slot has had no problem topping popularity lists, even among its 3D counterparts. Narcos slot is based on a Netflix series bearing the same name whose story revolves around Pablo Escobar, who was the biggest narco-terrorist the world has ever seen. The story is translated into five reels that sit in the middle of a Colombian street, which is where Pablo was based. The tunes that play in the backdrop match the time of the events portrayed in the series. 243 win ways run across the playing grid, while the Narcos characters are portrayed in an eye-catching mix of carton and 3D images. 

  • Eggomatic 

Eggomatic is one of the relatively older 3D releases by NetEnt, but it still lines as one of the best free slots to play online. The slot transports gamblers to an egg-making factory which is created as a way to solve the issue of not enough eggs being laid the natural way. Eggomatic is one of the best-looking slots online with every element of the screen inspired by them. The five reels of the game are separated using small metallic beams while a conveyor belt sits at the top. The UI bar at the bottom of the screen looks like something straight out of a lab with options for stake adjustment and spinning the reels. A large machine sits to the right of the screen that produces eggs, which run on the conveyor belt at the top that are used to award free spins. 

  • Birds

Betsoft redefines the entertainment value of slot machines with the Birds Slot while maintaining all the familiar elements that make the game popular. This free slot machine replaced the usual grid arrangements with three telephone lines where birds of different kinds sit. The backdrop is adorned by a beautiful town of bright, shaded houses that is mostly quiet, judging from the fact that only the chirping of birds and slight honking can be heard in the background. The real entertainment begins when the spin button is hit, and instead of the usual spinning of reels, the birds on the wires fly away to the right while others come in from the left and take their place. If a winning combination is hit, one of the birds in the combo flies forward, performs a short act, and all three to five exit the screen. Instead of leaving the spots open, other birds come in and take their place, until no more combos are formed. 

  • Dead or Alive II

Dead or Alive was such a big hit in casinos online that NetEnt decided to proceed with the release of a sequel, which was dubbed Dead or Alive II. The game follows in line with the wild west theme used in the first game, but it showcases major improvements on all fronts from the imagery and aesthetic to the payouts granted. Playing the free slot online takes punters to the middle of a western town that sits beneath a blue sky with heavy clouds in different places. The five-reel grid of the set is lined with planks of wood that are held together using rope and nails. The characters that appear on the reels feature the same impressive 3D development as the rest of the screen and perform some animated movements when they create a winning combination. 

  • Berryburst MAX 

Berryburst MAX is also a NetEnt slot release, which goes to show the developer prowess in three-dimensional technology in the creation of casino games. The set is inspired by fruit slots, which were popular in casinos in the twentieth century. However, Berryburst MAX is far from the classic creations behind its inspiration with some of the best 3D details spotted online. The game features five reels placed on three rows. The reels are not separated and are only marked out by the icons that sit on them, which appear to be floating in a multicoloured liquid. Lemon wedges, grapes, and poker card suites make up the icons that seem to leap out of the screen thanks to great craftsmanship. Berryburst MAX is among the free slot games with bonuses including an expanding wild and cluster pays that replace the use of win lines or win ways. 

  • Vikings Go to Hell

Yggdrasil Gaming is known for the use of 3D graphics in all of its slots, and it showcases its mastery of the art in Vikings slots more than any other games. One of the releases under the title, Vikings Go to Hell, ranks among the best. The game kicks off with a short-animated scene of Viking warriors fighting a demon in hell and ends up winning. When the demon’s head falls off its shoulders, and the body drops to the ground, the gates of hell open, revealing a more fearsome demon before the screen changes into the playing grid. The five reels of the game are encased in massive rock pillars with beautiful designs carved into them. The symbols on the grid are also a sight to behold, with weapons and warriors standing as characters. 

The Bottom Line

The list of 3D slots found online is in the hundreds, and new releases continue to be made now and then. Gamers can engage these slots for fun as well as real money depending on their preference.