New to gambling and unsure of the best no-deposit bonus? Consult Bonuses Finder

No-deposit bonuses are given by casinos to entice players to come in and play. They require no commitment as the player will not have to deposit any cash before they can start playing for real money, but they have withdrawal conditions. Online casinos, in a bid to bring more people on board, will come up with the best strategies as you can see on and so players will be spoilt for choice.

Before selecting the casino, you want to play at, you may want to check out Bonuses Finder for an updated list of the juiciest no-deposit rewards from various establishments. While at it, you may want to read the wagering requirements of each to select one that will give you access to real cash with the least conditions.

Most casinos will give no-cash deposits in terms of cash, cash-back, free spins, or free play. We will break down each of these.

Bonus Cash

No-deposit bonuses are pretty low, but they will come with reasonably large wagering requirements. You could get a $30 reward with a 30X wager, which makes the chances of fulfilling this requirement quite low. You will have to be quite lucky to get real cash deposited into your account.


These are percentages of your loses during a specific period. For instance, the casino could give you back 10% of your total loses for a week just ended. This reward is usually applied for players who have been loyal and with active accounts. It is not announced most of the time, and so you will simply be pleasantly surprised with a credit in your account.

Free Spins

The casino will reward you free spins for specific games. Mostly, you will get spins on the latest or most popular slots for the week, increasing your chances of winning some cash. Naturally, those spins will be limited to a particular game and cannot be interchanged for another. Free spins usually have a fixed bet, and you get to keep all the winnings from those spins.

Free Play

As a way of welcoming new players, a casino can give away free credits that are to be spent within a stipulated amount of time, mostly within the first few hours of registration. Once the time lapses, the credits are spent.  You can use these credits on any game offered by the casino.

Claiming your Bonus

Regardless of the type of no-deposit bonus, there are terms and conditions to be met that you will know of from the casino’s website. Before registering, you may want to read through the wagering requirements too to be sure that you are okay with those conditions.

Each casino has a way that a no-deposit bonus can be claimed, but you can always make inquiries from the cashier if uncertain. If you are required to enter a code to redeem the bonus, do so to get real cash through your preferred withdrawal method.