Australian Slots - Pokies Games

As in all of the world there are slot machines in Australia. In Australia people call slots “poker machines” or, slang variant, “pokies”. The official name at the same time is gaming machines. Australians usually use video slot machines with 5 reels on the screen. Australian slots as well as US slots have bonus levels and multiple line betting is allowed.

Shortly about history

If we return back in time, to see the history of slots we won’t see slots in Australia till 1953. Only then pokies were legalized in Australia. Interesting fact is that the first Australian slots' manufacturers began producing slots in 1953. It was an Australian company called Aristocrat, and their first game was named Clubman.

Quick after legalizing slots in Australia same as in other countries become very popular, and remain so until today!

Same as in the US the laws and number of Australia slots are regulated by each state separately. But they are not as strict as in the US. Now slot machines can be found in many places throughout all of Australia in pubs, sports bars and clubs.

Really popular!

In 1999 the number of Australian slots reached 180000 machines. Most of them were located in New South Wales – first state in Australia that legalized slots. It is as well 21% of all the world's gambling machines, which means that Australia slots are really popular among Australians. For example the number of slot machines in Australia, mentioned above, is FIVE times bigger than in the US! Why are they so popular? Here is the answer:

In Queensland’s pubs and clubs slots must provide 87% for return rate, while in casinos they must provide 90% return rate. Most of the Australia’s states have the similar laws. The risk of losing money is not so big, thus everyone can allow playing slots in Australia without almost any risk!

One main rule - $100 notes are forbidden to be played for Australia slots, except only one casino – Crown casino, the biggest casino in Australia, where VIP clients are allowed to bet $100 notes.

But not everywhere in Australia things going smooth with slots. In Western Australia slots are forbidden, and legalized in only one casino - Burswood casino. The laws of Western Australia State against gambling, and especially against slots, are most restricted in Australia.

Meanwhile Australia slots keep progressing and get more and more popular each day in all of the Australia!