Terms and conditions for using our site

Eligibility for using the website

Browsing any website, aged is one of the factors. Any aged people can not use our site. A user aged will be minimum eighteen years old. Your aged is under 18 years but more than thirteen, you can registration in CasinoGamesFan, if your parent give permission. Under 13 years, he can use our site until he will 13 or 18.without permission of parent under 18 aged people can never registration in our website. Beside you can know to enter our website about how to be subscriber in this website.

Common rules linking to manner

Our website is always cordial to the user. A user would use this website seem as his own. You can not use our website for your commercial working and any illegal purpose. You have to follow the all types of websites rule and regulation during the period of using our site. You also have to follow the online rules and your living country's rules. You would know about all types of conduct online when you will utilize our website.

Specific rules of linking to conduct

When you will follow to agree our website rule, then you will bind to our website for any illegal using and any types of errors. There are some conditions for using our website are given below. To use our website, you think than you can apply the website laws.

  1. You can never post, upload any things, or display some things which are unnecessary to the third man. The things may be against the law, offensive, damaging, threatening, boring, and which may be sexual matter, privacy of another person, the religious news, obscene, and command on a person's status, any illegal political review which these things are very harmful to the user who is under 18 years old. You will not break up your right to use our website.
  2. You can not post, display, and upload any viruses software which is destroy our website,can close and interrupt our running programs. When you will use our website , the other computer use the other website, you will never connect us .
  3. You will display, send and upload a photo of another without his permission and the man who is well familiar with you.
  4. You can get information of the others man; you have to collect their IP and email address. Then you can know about him.
  5. You will not upload, send or for exhibitions any element of related with commercial purpose, and any commercial advertisement, or for promoting of any other brands goods.