Famous Casino Players and Winners

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance. Attracting players from all over the world, roulette is undeniably the most famous casino game. Modern casinos offer clients top notch services to make their gaming experience better and make them more satisfied. Roulette has a reputation of being among the most interesting games but also very unpredictable. Playing this old game can be quite tricky as it is not easy to influence outcomes in an honest manner. Even though roulette is purely a game of chance, some famous roulette players have made history by beating roulette and making big wins.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was born in London in 1830 and the ordinary engineer in cotton industry became a famous roulette winner. Having undertaken technical education, Joseph was pretty aware of the fact that all devices made by man obviously had some imperfections. After finding a biased wheel in Monte Carlo, he made $300, 000 in just four days. Another very famous roulette player is Charles Wells. Born in 1841, he was excessively lucky in roulette and he won millions of franks. Unfortunately, Charles didn’t know about his limits and he later lost all his money and became totally broke. Later, he was imprisoned for using fraud tricks on his investment funds.

William Darnborough

William Darnborough was born in 1904 and made history as the first American to gamble systematically as he tried to find out the area where the balls were dropping. He was luck to win regularly even though his winnings were just small. Later, William won $500, 000 in Monaco and was considered unique. Edward O. Thorp and Claude E Shannon were famous players of both blackjack and baccarat. By using a microcomputer they hid in cigarette packs, the pair was very successful in roulette.

Norman Leigh

Born in 1966, Norman Leigh made a team of 12 players who make regular wins. Richard Jarecki became a famous roulette player by taking advantage of a broken roulette wheel and striking a big win. The Eudaemons group of 1978 was a Californian team comprised of students taking physics who created a microcomputer that could be hidden in shoes. In 1983, Scott Lang published a book that taught players how they could win roulette by use of a stopwatch. In 1990, Gonzala Garcia Pelayo became a famous roulette player when he won $1, 000,000.

In 2003, a group of swindlers became famous after using fraudulent tricks at Casino Velden. By using a special gadget successfully, the group won $700,000 and made history. In 2004, Ashley Revel became a famous roulette player after winning in an extraordinary way. Born in London, Ashley sold all his possessions for $135, 300 and boldly risked all the money in roulette with a desire of doubling it up. He placed all the money on red and every time the roulette wheel continued to spin, he was becoming excited. Finally, after the ball landed, Ashley has surprisingly doubled his money. This win attracted huge media attention and Ashley became a world roulette mega star.