Playing Keno

Cards or tickets numbered 1 to 80 are used in keno to correspond to pin pong balls marked 1 to 80 in keno machine. The keno machine is aerated and selects 20 balls in one round. Before the keno machine is operated, players are supposed to select balls and mark them with keno tickets. Bets are then made on the prospects of the picked numbers being selected by the keno machine and the number of times the machine will be played. This information is indicated on a blank space provided on the tickets and then handed over to a runner who issues an electronic ticket in exchange. Keno online, according to casino reviews, employs the use of a software that picks numbers randomly simulating the physical keno machine.

Players must hand over the tickets to the runner and only tickets whose corresponding ball numbers are inserted into the machine can participate or win. The machine, using the Random Number Generator software, draws twenty numbers and if your number is in the list then you win. The profit depends on the correct numbers matched and the amounts betted. You need check if your numbers match and get hold of the runner to pay you. You know in gambling no one will come looking or you to claim your prizes if you don't claim it yourself.

You are free to choose any number of tickets from the list provided by the free casino though there are some special tickets which may be issued in terms of bonuses or promotions.

Odds in Keno

The odds of winning in keno are the same for any number. Some players prefer to spread their risk by making smaller bets on many numbers. Probably it makes sense that it minimizes you losses assuming you win some numbers and loose other others. But it also minimizes you profits because you may end up with less tickets winning and more loosing. Sometimes it would be better to just bet on one or two numbers and decide that you will either win or loose. If it is picked up you win handsomely and if it is not picked up you loose gracefully. It also depends on your objective of playing. If you are playing for fun you may spread your bets but if you are playing to win you may consolidate your bets.

Since the keno machine plays 80 balls and the machine can only select 20 in one round, the game can be said to be firmly tilted in favor of the runner or casino. Again this applies for both keno online and keno in casino.