Mini French Roulette Game Peculiarities

The roulette originated from the French around the eighteenth century. The game was introduced to the world by a French mathematician known as Pascal. The roulette has travelled all around the world through immigrants who were fascinated by the outlook and the interesting nature of the game. The roulette actually refers to a small wheel in the French language and it therefore comes in no surprise to note that the French roulette wheel is probably the most internationally recognized wheel around the world.

Extra Rules to Help the Players

The most distinctive feature of a mini roulette game is the introduction of the ‘En prison rule’. This rule allows for the gamblers to recover half of their bets in case the bet was placed from the outside of the roulette table. However, this option is only availed if the outcome of the spin is in the zero mark or if the gambler places his or her fortunes in the hands of the fortune and leaves the stake for the next spin of the roulette wheel. This option is very risky as the gambler can either win from this move or lose everything in case the next spin of the roulette wheel is not in his favor.

There are other certain distinctions with the mini roulette casino game that makes it stand out from the normal roulette games. One most striking distinction is the wheel and the roulette table. The entire wheel in the roulette table is usually painted red. The table also shows a distinction in the coloring of the numbers. The colors in the roulette wheel usually alternate between red and black. Although half of the numbers in the roulette wheel are not painted black, they are considered as black. Another distinction is that the roulette wheel placed at the center of the table is usually smaller than the normal roulette wheels.

Why Mini French Roulette is so Interesting

There are certain misconceptions that are put across in the use of mini roulette wheels. The fact that the wheel is made of half the numbers of a normal roulette wheel tend to misguide some game players that the mini roulette wheel is not as exciting as the normal roulette games. The mini roulette game provides more flexibility in the game process and is guaranteed of giving similar, if not more, excitement such as the normal roulette games. The fewer numbers in the wheel calls for uttermost keenness to ensure that a game player does not incur losses during the game.

The mini roulette wheels encompass additional rules to the game. The “La Partage” rule allows the gamer to reclaim half the bet if he makes a stake of even money when the ball lands on the zero mark. The mini roulette game also allow for call bets. The call combination of different bets may seem peculiar at a first glance but a proper understanding of the arrangement of the numbers on the roulette wheel rather than the table will enable a gamer make accurate call bets.